What is The School of Authentic Journalism?

The School of Authentic Journalism is a school for dreamers and winners.

We teach the skills to make media that helps social movements to be effective.

The world’s only tuition-free school that teaches the art

of effectively communicating the stories of social movements

to change the world using all forms of available media. 


This intensive program is for the following kinds of people:


Journalists and communicators who report on and alongside social movements, community organizing and civil resistance campaigns, and also for those participants in those movements who write, blog, photograph, create and manage websites, make video, radio, graphic design or political cartoons about them. In previous schools we have accepted some applicants with little experience but whose raw talent and urgent desire to make change in their communities and in the world impressed us, and a good number of them have gone on to do great works.


Some are even professors of the School of Authentic Journalism today.

Protests do not, by themselves, change society,

and neither does getting or providing “press coverage” for demonstrations, marches and “actions.”

The mass media may sometimes pay more attention to that very limited set of tactics, but they have only been successful at their stated goals when part of a longer-term plan that mixes those tactics with grassroots organizing, training of participants, and direct communications both within its ranks and toward the greater public that do not depend on media attention to deliver a coherent message.

If these words resonate with you, if you read your own thoughts and ideas in them, and if you also have the talent to communicate in any form – writing, video, audio, creation of images, or the work of webmasters and similar technicians of communication – then this scholarship program might well be for you.

Likewise, if you consider yourself to be a good storyteller, well, that is the basic skill of all good writing and you probably can do well at that, too. We encourage you, too, to take a chance and complete the application. We have found some of our best graduates that way.

This is not an “academic” school and it is not “accredited” by any institution. It will not count as credit toward any degree.

It is an intensive training in the nonviolent martial arts of communications, strategy, tactics

and in using our abilities to unleash the talents of many to bring forth a new world of

authentic democracy and authentic journalism alike.


Because being right is not enough.